Crazy Critter Dash

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Crazy Critter Dash available now for iOS and Android.

We are very excited to present Crazy Critter Dash, a new take on the endless runner genre. You are the critter (hamster, chinchilla or rabbit) trying to escape from your owner.

Dash, slide, and jump your way past letter blocks, jack-in-the-boxes, marbles, and much more. Not enough for you? How about a free fall from a second story window and continue your escape through a backyard littered with rakes, ponds, and lawn darts. What, still not enough? Can you brave the treturous stairway with slinkys, rollerskates, and many other traps in the way. How far can you go?

In Crazy Critter Dash you frantically swipe your way past tons of fun obstacles. Choose from three highly customizable critters, select your powerup, upgrade your abilities, and dash for a new high score! There are multiple areas that all play slightly different, changing up the setting and pace.

This game accessible to all ages and fun for anyone and everyone!

- A new take on the endless runner genre with loads of personality!
- Beautiful 3D graphics with lots of different environments, critters, costumes and more.
- Vast amounts of cute and cuddly customizations. Dress up your critters in all sorts of fun costumes and change their fur!
- Engaging for kids and adults alike!

Get Crazy Critter Dash on the iTunes or Google Play now!

Here is our awesome Crazy Critter Dash Video Trailer
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