Gather intelligence for PAX first timers

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As PAX grows ever closer I find myself searching the internet for tidbits of information as to previous Primes. Schedules, panel topics, even (and sometimes especially) those little things that might be out of the way and not on the official billet. These are the things that give PAX first timers (myself included) a peek into the wondrous world in which we are about to dive head first into.

So this goes out to all of the veterans. Please post your links, schedules, and tidbits from previous Primes here so that the new initiates can take up the torch and explore things undreamed.

Include anything that you think will be helpful to the ignorant (once again like myself) to make this not only their first PAX, but their best.

Hopeful First Time Attendee of PAX Prime 2014.
[ X ] Badge
[ X ] Hotel
[ X ] Plane
Wish me luck!


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