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[PA Comic] Friday, June 13, 2014 - To P Or Not To P



  • carboxymoroncarboxymoron Registered User regular
    Athenor wrote: »
    Ah well. Still cool though. Like.. is there any way to rig up the Occulus Rift to see the world as if colorblind, or something? I just.. I know it's a position of privilege, but not being able to distinguish shades and gradients is not something I am good at wrapping my mind around, save for black & white films and such.

    As someone who's wondered about colour blindness when designing stuff, I've used some tools that simulate colour deficiencies. You'll be surprised how much certain designs / user interface elements become completely useless and others remain useful.

    I also appreciate games with colourblind options. Sometimes I use them even though I'm not, because the alternative symbols/shapes are easier to recognise.

  • The Word of BirdThe Word of Bird Might be in a dreamland....Registered User regular
    The strip that launched a thousand DeviantArt pages.

    All of which end with picture links closed off to the general public....

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  • ShadowDragoonFTWShadowDragoonFTW Registered User new member
    Fem-Gabe is turning me on a lot more than I'd like to admit...

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