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PAX Prime Girls' Meetup 2014 - SEND ME YOUR FEEDBACK!!

CovetCovet Registered User regular
edited September 2014 in PAX West
Here we go again, ladies!

Replying to the thread or RSVPing in the FB/G+ event does not guarantee entry. You MUST purchase a ticket in order to attend.

Refunds are no longer offered. You are able to transfer your ticket to another person, but will have to work out payment between you and whoever is buying your spot and then contact me with their information.

What: Welcome ladies to the fifth annual PAX Prime Girls' Meetup. What is the girls' meetup? You might ask. Well, it is a fantastic event where the ladies of PAX get together for brunch, morning cocktails and nerdy chatter Sunday morning at 10am.

Where: This year it will once again be held at the Diller Room (directions), located mere blocks from the convention center. Rob, the owner is a fantastic host and the ladies who attended last year can confirm that the food and drinks were fantastic.

When: Sunday morning at 10:00am

Who: The girls of PAX. This is a very inclusive meetup and is open to all ages and chromosome arrangement. Are you a girl who attends PAX? You are invited.

Why: Because this is an awesome way to expand your social network and meet some amazing like-minded women who are into the same nerderies as you, eat some good foodz, and drink some fantastic cocktails (as long as you are over 21).

How much: $18. The cost includes a buffet of tasty foods, and coffee, tea and juice. Drinks of the alcoholic variety will be extra and will be up to you to pay for. Wow Covet, you might say, that is rather pricy. Yes, this is more than you would pay for a cheap breakfast at IHop. However, we are getting the entire Diller Room to ourselves and there will be a nice buffet of very good food.

Eep's poem to all of the boys who will see this thread and feel the need to respond.
Dear boys,

We know you think it's witty and arty
To say that you will crash our party.
However, of our patience this is a misuse
and just makes you look like a flaming asshole *coughs* I mean, silly goose.

We have considered our motives and have decided
that girl time should be encouraged and not derided.
It's not that we don't love you bunches
but we don't need testosterone with all of our lunches.

And yes, you are free to have a boys only mob
Just start your own thread, planning one isn't my job.
Ladies, I'm excited to meet you all, oh very
So let's have this party, be girly and make merry!

Can I come if I am under 21?
Yes! This is an all ages event, despite us being a bunch of lushes. However, you will not be allowed to drink. Do not even try as we want to stay on good terms with the Diller Room.

Can I bring my child?
Yes? However, there is not a children's ticket price nor is it an environment that I would call kid friendly in the least. It is definitely something I do not recommend for young children.

What happens if I can't come at the last minute?
When tickets go on sale there will be information about the final date you can request refunds or transfers. I make that date as close to the start of PAX as humanly possible, but after that point you are just out of luck as I will not be checking my email and monitoring that kind of thing once PAX starts.

Can I interview people for my website/blog/media outlet?
No. The purpose of the event is for the girls to get together, hang out, chat, have some “girl time” of our own. You are welcome to come to the event as an attendee, but please leave the interviews at the door.

Can I promote my <super awesome thing>?
While I’m sure that lots of girls would love your <super awesome thing>, the PAX Prime Girls’ Meetup is not an appropriate place for promotion. Do not pass out flyers, business cards, promotional buttons (Buttoneering is ok!), etc. unless someone explicitly asks you for it.

Event links on social media
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Covet on


  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Yay I'm down :)

  • Jenny_SpaghettiJenny_Spaghetti I am 3 ginger midgets in a trench coat. Calgary, CanadalandRegistered User regular
    Woohoo! *tacks another item onto the "to buy for PAX list*

  • SaldekSaldek Registered User regular
    This was a lot of fun last year!
    DS Friend Code - 5300-9697-9935
  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Brunch and drinks with other PAX ladies...sounds like a lot of fun! Waiting to tix to post :D

  • qilueqilue What is the food?! SeattleRegistered User new member
    :smiley: WHAT?! When will the tickets go on sale? Would love to make some girly friends with the same hobbies/likes as me! Can't wait!

  • CovetCovet Registered User regular
    edited June 2014
    Once all the deets get ironed out, tickets will be posted. July would probably be the earliest. :)

    Edit: So everyone can get an idea for cost, tickets last year were $17.

    Covet on
  • CKingCKing Registered User regular
    So happy this is happening. I couldn't go in 12 and am hoping to be more social this year.

  • embraceternityembraceternity Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I'm very excited for this! I've always wanted to attend but never end up doing so. I'm going to try to make this my year. :smiley: I can't wait for the tickets to go on sale!

  • DashDDashD Dread Pirate Chef Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Yay! I was waiting for this. I can't wait!

    "Brilliant! Oh wait, if we were meant to fly, we would have been born with little bags of nuts."
  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    I can't wait to meet all of you awesome gamer-geek ladies like myself :)

  • KeibiKeibi Registered User regular
    So excited for this! Can't wait!

  • bubblegirl22bubblegirl22 portlandRegistered User regular
    oh this sounds fun ^-^

  • SilvertwinnSilvertwinn Going on 40. "Get off my lawn!"Registered User regular
    OH YEAH. Been waiting for this post to come back around for this year!

    I had a blast last year meeting other Lady Nerds. :smiley:

  • mewissamewissa Registered User regular
    Dang it! This sounds like such a wonderful thing!!

    I have to make sure it doesn't coincide with Omegathon at all before I can commit..

  • Goddess of MadnessGoddess of Madness Registered User regular
    I wanted to come to this at my first PAX in 2011 but was too shy to buy a ticket.... must stop being a wall flower

  • CovetCovet Registered User regular
    I hope you decide to attend this year! :) This quickly became one of my favorite events to attend. It's really cool to hang out with a bunch of awesome gals!

  • DustyStarrDustyStarr Registered User regular
    edited December 2014

    DustyStarr on
  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    edited June 2014
    Dusty Starr I'm totally cool with you joining since you Id as female but im not the organizer. Ime the pax community is pretty cool/accepting so I doubt anyone is going to care much/be offended etc

    Rhea_starstorm on
  • CKingCKing Registered User regular
    I'm cool with dusty Starr coming too!

  • CovetCovet Registered User regular
    DustyStarr wrote: »
    As a transgendered woman, would I be able to join up?

    Yes! If you identify as a girl/woman/female, you are welcome!

  • sediroxsedirox Registered User regular
    Sounds like fun!! I'll be there!!

  • Goddess of MadnessGoddess of Madness Registered User regular
    edited June 2014
    @DustyStarr‌ please! I promise to stop being a chicken shit and go if you do too!

    Goddess of Madness on
  • DustyStarrDustyStarr Registered User regular
    edited December 2014

    DustyStarr on
  • SilvertwinnSilvertwinn Going on 40. "Get off my lawn!"Registered User regular
    This should be fun!

  • mljonirmljonir Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Ooooh! How did I manage to not hear about this these past few years?

  • AtallaAtalla Registered User regular
    I had a fantastic time the two years I went, last year included. I am looking forward to this this year. And I agree, I am usually a similar wall flower and don't do much outside of my little circle of friends. But I loved this event everytime I get the opportunity to go. Please join us!!!

  • LanfearLanfear Daughter of the Night SeattleRegistered User new member
    My girlfriend and I would love to come. Looking forward to PAX so much this year.

  • AviendhaAviendha Registered User regular
    This sounds like a lot of fun!

  • SinoSambaSinoSamba CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2014
    This sounds great. And by Sunday I will def be in the mood for some calmer activity, like brunch ;)

    SinoSamba on
    3DS FC: 3239-2323-6239
  • alegriaalegria Registered User regular
    Excellent, glad to see this is going again Covet. Thanks! :)

    PAX Prime Attendee since 2006, BYOC Attendee 2008-2012, Buttoneer 2010-2014
  • JulieLJulieL Pacific NorthwestRegistered User regular
    I mentioned this to my 14 year old and she is on board with going this year! :D

  • TheKrackTheKrack CanadaRegistered User new member
    Sounds like it will be a blast! :D

  • wyndstarwyndstar West coast CanadaRegistered User regular
    I'm normally so shy but this sounds so awesome, i'd love to meet some new geeky girl friends! :)
    i'll keep watching this space for ticket info :)

    PAX 2015: got tickets, woo hoo!
    PAX 2014: had a blast.. let's do it again!
  • SvennaCircletSvennaCirclet New York, USARegistered User new member
    Super excited to join! Anyone rooming at the Crown Plaza Hotel want to meet up in the lobby and make our way over there? :)

    Find me on Twitter! @SvennaCirclet
  • CovetCovet Registered User regular
    Just a quick non-update: I expect to be able to start selling tickets very soon! Woo!

    embraceternityalegriaGoddess of MadnessDashDRhea_starstorm
  • louciefurlouciefur Registered User regular
    This will be my first Prime and I'm stoked for this event!

  • Goddess of MadnessGoddess of Madness Registered User regular

  • PookyAlertPookyAlert Registered User regular
    I am intrigued. :smile:

  • MovieStarKittenMovieStarKitten Registered User regular
    I am definitely interested in this! :)

  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    Covet wrote: »
    Just a quick non-update: I expect to be able to start selling tickets very soon! Woo!

    The dreaded "soon" >.<
    I shall continue monitoring this thread for my wife for the time being, but if this becomes a Blizzard Entertainment "soon", I shall frown at this thread thusly.

    Pins for trade!
    2015 PAX Prime Omeganaut (I will forever hate Katamari)
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