Triggerfish Drill Sergeant: recruiting and planning puzzle game (PC)

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Triggerfish Drill Sergeant
Anglerteam Games is a one-man studio from Toronto. I’m proud to present my first game Triggerfish Drill Sergeant, a single-player puzzle game for Windows, OSX, and Linux. In this game, you organize and recruit troops to create the proper parade ground drill formations.

You play a drill sergeant who has been tasked by Headquarters to carry out a series of logistical drills, where the goal is to arrange troops to exactly match a formation requested by Headquarters. You accomplish this by arranging in advance to recruit troops -- or blow them up -- through barracks that are pre-arranged on the parade grounds. All orders are given before the drill starts, to be carried out at the time of your choosing throughout the drill. The drill then progresses without intervention.

Here’s a short list of game features:
  • Challenging and deep puzzle mechanics.
  • Triggerfish parade grounds under the sea offer different wrinkles.
  • New types of recruits challenge your planning mastery.
  • Organize your troops in the comfort of relaxing tunes by Forgotten Dawn.
  • Create and play custom user-created drills.

Play & Watch
The web demo can be played here.
Triggerfish Drill Sergeant has hit Beta! If you’re interested in joining the Beta, you are warmly welcomed to sign up here.
Watch for Triggerfish Drill Sergeant on Greenlight soon!
More screenshots are available on the game’s press page.


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