Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Hide and No Seek

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Hide and No Seek


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  • -creid-creid Registered User regular
    You're breaking my heart with this storyline, Katie >.<

  • AntonNULAntonNUL Registered User regular
    This is both cute and very very sad. ;_;

    Also why is there a kitty? The cats didn't show up yet.

  • Ilze123Ilze123 Registered User regular
    Just as Game of Thrones has ripped out my heart on numerous occasions this comic is now doing the same.

    I approve :) keep up the good work.

    I wonder how deep the darkness will go before we see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • WizarDruWizarDru Registered User regular
    Can we take the NOT REMEMBER medicine, now?

  • MrNumbersMrNumbers Registered User regular
    I tried hugging the moniter but it fell on me and hurt and that just made me sadder

  • Plant_CreaturePlant_Creature Registered User new member
    Why does this comic look like it takes place 50 years ago? How old is 17? Does anyone age at Camp Weedonwantcha?

  • theholyesttheholyest Registered User regular
    Maybe its the family cat? since this is a flashback to her home life i'm guessing.

    Also, The Feels ALL THE FEELS

  • ATF_GriffATF_Griff Registered User regular
    Yeah 17 looks the same age here so it couldn't have happened that long ago so why would she forget about it already?

  • ManOfHonorManOfHonor Registered User regular

  • marsiliesmarsilies Registered User regular
    So I count 10 other kids in this comic, which makes 11 including 17, lending credence to the theory that 17 is one of (at least) 17 other kids.

    Interesting that there's a mix of skin colors. Almost all of them have blue eyes though. I don't think it'd be possible to get that mix of hair colors all from one set of parents. Maybe they all have the same mother, but a mix of different fathers?

  • mneimeyermneimeyer Registered User new member
    AntonNUL wrote: »
    Also why is there a kitty? The cats didn't show up yet.

    Would it be weird of me that I thought "Maybe the cats are behind it all?"

  • BlueFalconBlueFalcon Registered User new member
    Purgatory. Calling it now! It's been 50 years, but she never gets older. Everyone else comes and goes, but Seventeen remains.

  • periazhadperiazhad Registered User regular
    Maybe she ends up shipping herself to camp, because she thinks she'll find friends there.

  • HUNRoninHUNRonin Registered User regular

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Oh the feels :( stop with the feels they're too much.

    Another great comic, loving the arc around Seventeen, she's soo adorable!

    p.s. There's no kitty in this comic right? because it's a flashback to before the ferals were unleashed?

  • InwoodsInwoods Registered User new member
    Her hair length and location changed in the last panel. Flash back in flash back?

  • InvisibleInvisible Registered User regular
    I count 10 kids (11 with Seventeen), so I think it's good chance Seventeen is her nickname if not actual name. Depressing, no one there wants her, of course that's what the whole comic is about, so... Depressing.

    I still think there's something magical or otherworldly about the camp and that the kids don't age at the camp.

  • GrettGrett Registered User regular
    The last panel isn't a flashback of a flashback, it's her in the present. Her memories caused her to feel the same way she did then.

  • cyberNurglecyberNurgle Registered User regular
    That's a whole lotta feels you throwing around here Katie.
    And as for everyone who is confused why there is a cat in the flashback...
    it's their pet cat.

  • FujitsuLifebookT904FujitsuLifebookT904 The Greatest Registered User regular
    That is a barn cat. They have a shed full of flour and other perishables, they need a cat to guard against mice.

  • AntonNULAntonNUL Registered User regular
    I don't know about you, but I think this strip talks about Seventeen's first few days at camp. Although it's confirmed that 17 is her family's seventeenth child.

  • RobomegaRobomega Registered User regular
    I don't think this flashback takes place at camp. I think this is her actual home, before she came to camp. It explains why almost all the kids have light brown or blonde hair, the same eye color, and why none of them are wearing camp uniforms... they're her siblings.

    My guess? Next strip we find out that she wasn't dumped at camp, she "hid" in a shipping crate and nobody ever came to look for her, which is why she jumped out of a box two strips ago.

  • ewazxcewazxc Registered User new member
    That was so sad that I almost forgot to look for the cat.

  • J-mentalJ-mental Registered User regular
    Cheer up everyone! While her family might not have been searching for her in the past, Malachi is searching for her now! She's got friends after all!

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    I never expected learning Seventeen's backstory to make me feel so sad.

  • metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    Hmm, I wasn't expecting a kitty since this is obviously not after the cat drop, but yet there it was...

  • KatieJRiceKatieJRice Registered User regular
    Hey guys! I decided to tweak some stuff on the comic, and just posted a new version. Sorry if it shows up in your RSS feeds twice, but I like this version more! >__<

  • XMinusOneXMinusOne Registered User regular
    Poor lil' Seventeen. I knew those memory pills weren't good for her. I can't imagine a parent abandoning their child in a box like that. Then again, people do that to their pets all the time, so why not kids?

  • AlernetAlernet Registered User regular

  • spehizlespehizle Registered User regular
    K, I'm calling it as one of two possibilities.

    1) This issue in specific is a flashback to BEFORE 17 wound up at the camp. Deep South family farm or orphanage is my bet. Nobody is wearing camp uniforms, and the aesthetic design of all the structures and people is vastly unlike anything else at camp. Besides, 17 crawled out of a milk can and Polly was carrying a bag of Hog Feed. That crossed with the agrarian design implies a rustic farm. Perhaps she was so unwanted by the other kids, (or more painfully, the parents/guardians of this place,) and dumped her off at the camp.

    2) This is all some massive flashback LOST style where the kids of the island never age and always forget. While this is a very cool idea and Cthulhuish, I really doubt this is the case.

  • MooncrowMooncrow Registered User new member
    Why do I get the feeling that finding out how she got the Love Bug is going to break my heart (yet again)

    Also, the last two panels today really are fantastic; thank you for all your work Katie.

  • kinghippo96kinghippo96 Registered User new member
    Oh man.. That's brutal. Her name's 17 because she's the 17th child in a family that's beyond caring about her., ? Well. We don' wanchya no mo. Ouch.

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    edited June 2014
    @spehizle: I think you're right. This is all actually BEFORE Seventeen ended up at the camp, possibly even why she ended up at camp... The plot thickens.

    This also explains the kitty, it's a family pet, not one of the ferals that landed in the camp.

    Talyn Rahl on
  • AntonNULAntonNUL Registered User regular
    Katie modified the art, it's now clear that this is a flashback to Seventeen's childhood back at home. Also, yes, there is a cat.

  • WiFiPunkWiFiPunk Registered User regular
    So many opinions!
    I don't think the camp is purgatory since there's nothing to suggest any of them are dead, not to the level of Ed, Edd, n Eddy anyway. They're just not wanted. She just lived on a farm with a huge family. She also could have just been dropped off in the box, it doesn't mean she was shipped there. I see people do that to cats at the SPCA all the time.

    I have to quit relating to the comics so much. lol

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  • Sovoq113Sovoq113 Registered User regular
    Nice flashback tone :D!

  • InvisibleInvisible Registered User regular
    edited June 2014
    I feel stupid about just now realizing they're tossing sticks down the well.

    Invisible on
  • mushymushy Unprofessional Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    this comic is somehow correlated to my nervous breakdown

  • IngmarRotwangIngmarRotwang Registered User new member
    Made an account just to comment.

    Thanks for the good solid cry.

    I hadn't been following along really, I liked the art style and dropped in to read maybe every 10th comic or so (intending to, but never got around to reading them all), but this one hooked me and caught me off guard... It stands even on it's own, and I went back and read everything and am now blown away... I am sorry I didn't catch on sooner...

    Thanks for the depth, contrast, complexity, all the little hints, and feels. I can't wait to read more.

  • streeverstreever Registered User regular
    Katie, I love that you tweaked the comic. I liked it before, but I like it more now, and I like even more that you cared enough about your work to revise it & put up something you think is better.

    Thank you for the comic & for your dedication to it.

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