pre pax tickets 2015

nemesislestatnemesislestat Registered User regular
I have and Idea but I don't know if this will happen who will agree that it will be awesome if pre-pax tickets where offer for next year PAX so that people who are attending this year will buy them and then we don't have to worry about next year tickets been sold out too fast at the end of 2014 pax will be awesome to have and option like this is just a thought but I think it will be awesome. - clear


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Yeah, they're not going to do that. If that were the case, new people would almost never get tickets. Also we already have a thread to discuss pax registration.

    Geth, close this thread.

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    Affirmative zerzhul. Closing thread...

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