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Windows 8.1 and USB failures

ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
So I was playing a game last night and every one of my peripherals decided to stop working midway through. I rebooted my computer, and my mouse worked, but not my keyboard. After a couple more reboots I was able to get everything working so long as I unplugged just one thing (in this case, my headphones). Once again though, today, I couldn't get my keyboard working until I rebooted several times.

I thought maybe this was an issue with my power supply starting to die, but then I remembered that I also upgraded to 8.1 last night and got to thinking that it might have a problem with the USB ports on my motherboard. It was kind of a bear to set up when I first built the computer (drivers weren't ready for Win8 right away, had to do some weird workarounds to get the USB 3.0 drivers working, etc), but has been fine ever since. And when I rebooted the first time, I went into BIOS to see if I had some setting screwed up, and left it there for about an hour. The mouse and keyboard worked just fine, but the second it went to Windows the keyboard stopped working.

I've got the latest mobo drivers (Gigabyte GA-Z77X), but I'm not sure what else to mess around with at this point.

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  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    I trust you have a keyboard with a PS/2 connector else things will be difficult.

    I know of Win8 and 8.1 having issues with USB 3.0 gear hooked up to USB 2.0 ports, but I doubt that is relevant in this case.

    Have you tried booting your machine without the keyboard or mouse connected and then connecting them once Windows has loaded?

    Also make sure nothing else is connected through USB, not that it should matter but just to simplify as much as possible.

    And have you checked if there are any BIOS updates for you motherboard - could be there is one you need.

    Finally you could try removing the motherboard drivers and then let Windows get what it want on it's own.

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  • KharnastusKharnastus Registered User regular
    I had the same issue with a mouse. Win8 is a jerk when it comes to them USB drivers. I solved it permanently by turning off non critical auto updates and using the system rollback to a known good configuration. Sure would be nice if it didn't kill my $80 mouse though... oh well.

  • kaliyamakaliyama Left to find less-moderated fora Registered User regular
    Update the BIOS for sure. It's not a satisfying kludge, but you could always get headphones with a 3.5mm plug.

  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    I hadn't checked the bios before yesterday so I updated that. One I did and reloaded all the motherboard drivers things seemed to settle down a bit.

    Except that now the computer likes to turn itself on at night. It seems to be an issue with the wake on LAN feature being permanently enabled now, so that's annoying. :p

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