Laptop graphical glitch?

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Starting last night, my laptop's developed a bit of a problem.

It occasionally has some graphical glitching at the top of the screen when I'm trying to do things, as seen in the picture below.


Now the thing is, they aren't permanent. It mostly depends on what and where I move my mouse- they tend to flicker on and off the screen. I can have my mouse hovering on one of my icons and see it plain as day, or I can move the pointer off and it disappears. It was really starting to get me nervous that it was some kind of hardware issue, so I hovered over the graphical glitching with my mouse and found I could still see my pointer over it. That lead me to think it was on the software side of things, so I restored my system to a point before the glitching- a little after midnight Saturday- and after that was all over, it still happened.

Honestly, I'm worried about it progressing to possibly engulf the whole screen, but it seems to have stopped happening. Part of me is kind of suspicious as to why it started to happen, and I'm a little worried it could end up causing something else to happen.

The screenshot is from my iPhone, because the glitching doesn't seem to show up on a screenshot taken by the laptop itself.

Is this something I ought to be worried about, or is it nothing?

EDIT: Twitch streams seem to trigger it pretty reliably. It's not popping up and staying like it used to, but it's more like a flicker and then it vanishes. I booted up a graphically-intensive game that went full-screen, and that didn't seem to get it going... what the blazes could be causing this?

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