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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Dam



  • photon_man62photon_man62 Registered User regular
    Oh wow, most comments I've ever seen under a page on this site, and it's under one that is completely unrelated to the main story.

  • ReiskaReiska Registered User regular
    Oh wow, most comments I've ever seen under a page on this site, and it's under one that is completely unrelated to the main story.

    Always expect the unexpected.

  • LazarusKingLazarusKing Registered User regular
    Holy hell.

  • narwhaonarwhao Registered User regular

  • Dennis D.Dennis D. West Seattle, WARegistered User regular

  • AshleyHoneyBeeAshleyHoneyBee Registered User new member
    So much for Malachi's message in a bottle; it look like it got trapped in the dam. :(

  • barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular

  • InvisibleInvisible Registered User regular
    I know this strip is dark, but it's still one of my favorites. Just the Beaver's face is so horrified and it's terrible, but I don't know, maybe I'm just an awful person.

  • MashtatoMashtato Registered User regular
    Oh man, this one always cracks me up.

  • occamslaseroccamslaser Registered User new member

  • MRTFMRTF Registered User regular
    edited September 2015
    Even though everyone has their own opinions, I find this somewhat serious for various reasons instead of funny. I guess the joke here is the word "dam" which sounds like "damn". Can't find anything else really.

    I'd be devastated, probably haunted for the rest of my pointless life should a similiar tragedy happen to me.
    So yeah I wouldn't dare to even smile on that beaver's accident, even if it's just a webcomic; those bad things happen in real life too.

    On a sidenote: I doubt the beaver would bother eating or even chewing plastic, even if there was something edible inside in that jar/container. There's plenty of other food around there, it's not a desperate situation where one would eat anything to survive.

    Most mammals smell or take a small taste before swallowing and a material like plastic is very different than most edible organic materials.

    MRTF on
  • @MRTF: I don`t think this is supposed to be funny, just explain the elephant drugs and how they make you relive tragedy.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    I think it's funny. Dark, but funny.

  • Spyke66Spyke66 Registered User regular

  • MajoraMajora Registered User new member
    This issue is definitely in my top 5 so far. I seriously almost died. This and the boob drawing one really resonated with me.

  • Great UlcerGreat Ulcer Registered User regular
    Depressing to heartwarming to darkly hilarious. I love this comic

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