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[Dark Souls] 3: "Everything is designed to kill you."



  • ED!ED! Registered User regular
    I worry that people are going to look at the "art style" of Dark Souls 3 and think "Ugh. . .too much Bloodborne" which - other than the lack of darkness - isn't hard to see. There have now been at this point 4 "souls" games (not including BB) and they all have had pretty different art styles making it easy for people to lament the return to "Dark Souls 1". Which is a shame because I think - from watching some of these videos where people actually know what they are doing - the game looks really amazing.

    Also I am really liking the humanity aspect of this game. And I hope they include all the armor seen in the demo in the game. The Big Fat Axe Man armor looked pretty good.

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  • SyphonBlueSyphonBlue The studying beaver That beaver sure loves studying!Registered User regular
    Holy fuck this guy in the dungeon is a right fucking bastard.

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  • DHS OdiumDHS Odium Registered User regular
    Well fuck, i was selected for the lottery, but out of town until tonight. I downloaded it beforehand but apparently theres a website bug that skips the step to register your PSN id for the whitelist. I did the workaround an got it submitted, but still cant play, so I assume im out of luck. What a shit show with this whole process.

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  • FawstFawst The road to awe.Registered User regular
    Hey look, new thread!

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