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Did I deserve this? Or were my friends in the wrong?

spacemonkey17spacemonkey17 regularRegistered User regular
First of all, I take FULL responsibility for my mistakes, and I know I brought this on myself and have no one to blame but myself. But were my friends right for what they did?
I was intoxicated on school property, and I got caught and suspended. And only two of my friends knew about my suspension. I know being intoxicated on school property sounds extremely dumb, and I'm aware of that, but at the time, I had my reasons. (Issues for anxiety and what not) But I felt extremely bad for what I did, I felt as if I let my parents and myself down. I felt so ashamed of myself and humiliated. When I got back to school, I noticed my 2 friends were being a little distant from me. And I later on found out that they told several people what happened. And I feel like real friends wouldn't do that. And I confronted them about it and told them I understood what I did was wrong, but as a friend, I thought they would be mature enough and respect MY privacy and MY business and not tell the whole school something I'm ashamed of. And after I confronted them they got extremely defensive and said that I was blaming them for my mistakes and that I owed THEM an apology. And I got so angry that I left, and we haven't talked since. And they do farrrr worse things than I do, (drugs, sex with guys twice their age, steal, sneak out of the house) and I never judged them or stopped being their friends because of it, because I know humans all make mistakes and do bad things. So we're my friends in the wrong?


  • bsjezzbsjezz regular Registered User regular
    edited July 2014
    gossip is power in a school environment, and whether or not they were ethically right or wrong to gabb about your drunken hijinks, surely you can see why they did it: to garner attention at the uncertain expense of someone who's - for the time being - out of the picture. you can either cast judgement on them for it, which will probably achieve nothing but add to your own bitterness, or practically decide whether you want them as people in your life and take steps to ensure they are... or aren't.

    bsjezz on
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