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    admanbadmanb unionize your workplace Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Tomanta wrote: »
    It's a weird announcement. Buying the IP, but PP is still doing the work, and it's not a company buyout / merger.

    my guess
    • Mk4 is a growing game. Not rapidly, but it is growing. There's money to be made there
    • PP's production has struggled. Releases are slow, stock is rough, overseas stock is non-existent
    • PP is fucking broke
    • SFG and PP partnered to improve production, especially overseas
    • but again.. PP is broke. They can't put out much money to support this and they can't make more money without improving production.
    • so SFG buys out the IP, which gives PP an injection of cash while giving SFG the security of owning something if PP still fails

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    Dr_KeenbeanDr_Keenbean Dumb as a butt Planet Express ShipRegistered User regular
    I wonder if we'll finally see P3 paints being available again. They're the only "old" paint that can still trade punches with the new crop. They're basically the 2nd (best) generation Citadel Colour with better coverage, which makes sense as both were designed by Mike McVey and produced by HMG.

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    admanbadmanb unionize your workplace Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I still have two P3 pots that I use regularly.

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    NobodyNobody Registered User regular
    In the AMA the SFG CCO suggested that he wants to get them back into production

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    PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Like, one of the big headlines in the announcement was about Formula P3 Paint, so... yeah. More about it supposedly coming on the post on Thursday. Which I'm glad for, since there's colors there that I have never found a good replacement for. (Also I assume Battletech players will be happy to have ready access to Coal Black again.) Everything in the AMA points to them not wanting to change anything about them, other than getting them available again.

    Also, something I was thinking about... after going back over the initial announcement again, was that SFG seems to be *way* better at this whole "Internet" thing than Privateer was ever. Like, when they showed the new miniatures in the announcement? They were actually well painted and photographed, and NOT grey renders.

    (As I understand it, those were done by the in-house SFG sculptors and painters.)

    But yeah, it felt like lately PP was trying their hardest to make things as unappealing as possible, even if things were actually really cool. Grey renders should *not* make it onto the packaging in stores, IMO. Having SFG at the helm making decisions like this can only be a upgrade.

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    TomantaTomanta Registered User regular
    P3 has some of my favorite colors I can't really find matches for and my pots are ancient, so that's also the most exciting part for me. The games I fell off at Mk3 (like many people) and what I see now isn't exciting... but having someone new in charge might help me change my mind.

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    CarnarvonCarnarvon Registered User regular
    Buying the IP means that they're essentially employing PP to create content on a contractual basis, while also not inheriting any of their debt, overhead, or bad decisions. Now SFG can shop around or create whatever they want in-house, to whatever degree they want, and give the rest to PP. If PP poops their pants, SFG can cut the contract and do what they want without having to suffer overmuch.

    Meanwhile, PP can move on to doing whatever else they might be interested in. I see this as reverse to what happened to Paizo with 4E.

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    PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    edited June 6

    Okay, here we go, first in a series of posts that's going to be dropping over time.

    New Two-Player Command Starter announced with the models we saw in the announcement, which will be coming in hard plastic. Khador/Cygnar, two warcasters, two character 'jacks, two character units, and terrain in the box.

    More info on timelines for pre-orders and other stuff that has already been announced will be next week when they're done transitioning the website over. (They thought it was going to be done this week, but are erring on the side of caution and don't want to push things live on a Friday.)

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    PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    edited June 13
    The new online store's up. Also a blog post talking about the release schedule for the next few months. (EDIT: For things that were announced already.) Things of note, Cryx starts coming out in August, September for their Core Expansion, Oct for the Aux Expansion and the new 2-player Starter Box.

    The existing army boxes are getting reworked as well to try to knock their price down some. There's some name changes, so might as well go over all the releases to make sure everything's up to speed.

    So, starting with Cryx, you'll have the Command Starter which will give you a 30-point force to play immediately and that you can combine with other sets to make bigger armies. The plan is for all armies to have one of these rolled out over time. The Cryx one contains a Warcaster, a Character Warjack, a Character Solo, and a Character Unit, and will be $79.

    Battleboxes are getting renamed Battlegroup Boxes and have a second warcaster/warlock option and two 'jacks or warbeasts (light or heavy, depending on faction). You can take these extra jacks or beasts and add them to the Command Starter to get up to 50 points. Price on these are actually getting reduced by $10 USD so they're now $69. (nice)

    The Core Expansion is replacing the Core Army Starter. Still has a Warcaster or Warlock, along with a selection of solos, units, and attachments. And should get you to 75 points with a bunch of options for list-building (and close to 100 if you toss in everything). There's a change that, instead of coming with another full warjack or warbeast kit, it's coming with the character warjack/warbeast model on the alternate chassis. So since they don't have to include all the extra heads and arms and whatnot (you can use all the extra bits you got from your Command Starter or Battlegroup to make whatever you want on the extra chassis), it's getting the price knocked down a bunch to $159.

    Last is the Auxiliary Expansion (replacing the Army Expansion), which has another Warcaster/Warlock option along with more solos/units/attachments as before.

    All the existing boxes are getting restructured like this, and some warnouns are getting moved around between boxes for a (in their words) "better play experience with the other models in their box."
    Affected models:
    • Kapitan Ilari Borisyuk
    • Kommander Valerii Savaryn
    • Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova
    • Kishtaar, The Howling Silence
    • Sabbreth, the Eternal Annihilation
    • Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths
    • Captain Firequill
    • Admiral Boomhowler
    • Major Anson Wolfe
    • Captain Athena di Baro

    If you need one of these, on the online store they're having a option where you can buy these by themselves until July 18'th so you don't have to re-buy the full box.

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    BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User, Moderator mod
    the store looks better but it would have been hard to make one that looked worse than the old one lol

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