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EA Access announced. XBO exclusive.



  • DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    Athenor wrote: »
    I find it odd that they aren't doing this with Origin.

    Their Origin efforts right now boil down to "We will give you free games please please please please use Origin"

  • LA:LA: United StatesRegistered User regular
    Crayon wrote: »
    And what happens when all publishers do this?

    Is that necessarily a bad thing? I get that some people here might not be into EA because of SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS but what about (Insert your favorite developer here)? If you enjoy a particular devs games enough to the point that you'll probably buy all of their games new, then $30 a year for a 10% discount for each, early access to the games, plus year old games for "free" (with your subscription cost) sounds like a pretty good deal.

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  • DeddogDeddog Registered User new member
    Crayon wrote: »
    And what happens when all publishers do this? What happens when competitive multiplayer games have early access? I mean, you can say we're not forced into it but that's kind of a fallacious sentiment once this becomes the norm.

    To be fair, this is nothing new. I can remember playing against Day[9] in the Warcraft III Beta.

  • MulletudeMulletude Registered User regular
    I don't see the edge a person gets from early mp access as being a big deal. There will always be a gap between the mgl420snipez crowd and everyone else anyways.

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  • FuriousJodoFuriousJodo Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Yeah, in the early days of something it is a slight advantage but that quickly goes away over time.

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  • Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    Put down for a month to play BF4 until Destiny hits (gave away my disc copy). At first it only offered me the discount and I was confused, the I realized I had to uninstall the disc one and reinstall the download version. Plan to check out Peggle 2 as well. It auto renews so I set a calendar reminder to cancel before next month. You can manage the sub via the Xbox Settings page though.

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  • MulletudeMulletude Registered User regular
    Really curious what will be in the vault the next couple months. Already own the one game id want to play, bf4

    XBL-Dug Danger WiiU-DugDanger Steam-
  • sockssocks Registered User regular
    I put down for a month too. I figured I'd give the service a try and play some football/soccer/peggle while I wait for Destiny and NHL 15. The service will give me 10% off the purchase of NHL 15 and then I'll probably cancel if I find I'm not getting much use out of the Vault games. It really depends on if I find it worthwhile. I could just as easily resub for a year if they announce anything interesting.

  • AllforceAllforce Registered User regular
    Need For Speed Rivals will be added to the Vault in the next few weeks according to EA.

  • The EnderThe Ender Registered User regular
    For only 4.99 / month, you too can have access to such hit classic titles as Peggle 2 and some old Madden game!


    With Love and Courage
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