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Looking for other people's experience with booking/renting suites.

TurQTurQ New York CityRegistered User regular
I was planning on booking out a suite at one of the hotels around the BCEC. Booking it and then doing a roomshare to host around 7 - 10 people in that suite. Also trying to host some pretty fun parties etc. The problem is, I called the places and found out that the seaport boston suite only has 1 seperate bed room and a large common area. Does anyone have any experience staying at these suites and can tell me if it's doable/comfortable for the things listed above?


  • rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    if it has a bedroom and a large common area i would say you could fit at least 10 people in there if you dont mind being close together. I stayed at the omni parker this past year a place known for small rooms and had 5 people in there every night and honestly prob could have fit at least 2 more in there. For a room as big as you describe 10 should be no issue at all.

  • Megan_GwynnMegan_Gwynn Pixie New EnglandRegistered User regular
    Sounds pretty packed but fun.. I've been in rented condos before in that situation but kind of doubt there are any in that immediate area, but you get a lot of room for a (fancy) hotel room price sometimes.

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