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GMAT prep courses - options/recommendations?

italianranmaitalianranma Registered User regular
I'd like to apply to UCLA's MBA for the Fall '15 class. The deadline I'm shooting for is 7 January 15, and while I think I have a very strong application I'd like to make it as strong as possible with a really high GMAT score. I'm trying the 7 day free trial of the Economist's GMAT Tutor, and I like it so far, but before I put down $650 on it I wanted to ask for others' opinions. Anyone have experience with that program or another?

Hopefully this isn't a double-post. I put something in about 30 minutes ago, but it didn't look like it actually posted.



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    CauldCauld Registered User regular
    I didn't use any prep software. I think I checked out some books from the library maybe? Did you take the free gmat practice tests from their website? They should help you figure out what areas to focus on.

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    PacificstarPacificstar Registered User regular
    I had a really good experience with Kaplan. Ended up scoring like 90th percentile

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    defreakdefreak Registered User regular
    I don't know any specifics, but my wife used Kaplan too, and she was very satisfied with it.

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