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Cubic Castles: Adorable Sandbox Game [iPad/PC/Mac]

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Cubic Castles is a playful new sandbox building game available on PC/Mac and iPad. It is made by three indie developers who have worked with Popcap Games. They set out to make a multi-platform, creative, world building and social online multiplayer game.

Start with your own Realm, place it in the Overworld and build just about anything: parkour runs, 3D platformer levels, decorative buildings, puzzles, role playing worlds...
  • Interactive play blocks and standard building blocks
  • Rooms and doors to expand and make layered worlds
  • Build cooperatively or alone, realm settings thwart griefing
  • MMO: easily explore and play in the creations of other players
  • Use the same character and full game on iPad, PC or Mac
You earn our currency while mining and almost all of the items are craftable with mined materials. We want to be friendly and generous so you have fun and want to invest in our world. We hope to get enough players to be able to move on to making monsters, adding combat and tons of other content.

For iPad in the App Store
Download for PC/Mac

(Greenlit and soon to be on Steam)

**In-game Tour Guide to help you explore on your first visit

Coupon Code:
  1. Install the game on iPad ( or PC/Mac (
  2. Make a player and then go to:
  3. Enter your player name and this code: PennyArcadeCubits
*1000 cubits, first come/first serve, one use per player

Create and explore in realms like this platforming adventure
Kawaii graphics
Play with friends to solve puzzles
Interactive blocks, checkpoint and health restore blocks for game building
Expanding Overworld with rocket travel

You can find me in game. I test (play) often as Greymalke and am happy to help when I can.
Maggie (Greymalke)
Twitter @CosmicCowGames
Instagram @cubiccastles

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