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Robin Williams has died



  • Donovan PuppyfuckerDonovan Puppyfucker A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    I have no idea what to say to that sentence

    It is a very strange turn of events, that is for sure.

  • valhalla130valhalla130 13 Dark Shield Perceives the GodsRegistered User regular
    I appreciate what you guys are saying. It's exactly what I need to hear. Things are pretty rough now, and I can't even walk through the kitchen without trying to break down, but I will get through this. He would have wanted me to be okay and not be depressed. He hated it when I got like that because he didn't know what to do to help me and I remember it frustrating him. I haven't been like that in a long time, but when I first did it, really, the only time I've done it, he actually slept across a doorway to prevent me from leaving, when he thought I might hurt myself. He loved me, I know that.

    Oh, and so you know, don't worry about me. Any thoughts I had about hurting myself haven't been a real issue in two decades. I dealt with that then, and I won't let it affect me now. I just wish I could convince my mother of that. My mother, who just two weeks ago was telling me she wanted to die, before any of this happened. I need to be strong because she will get over this initial burst of energy she has dealing with getting him cremated and getting everyone he knew notified of the ceremony and everything. And when she stops, she's going to be worse than I've ever been. Anybody who can, pray, or send good thoughts my way for dealing with that.

    Thank you.

    Brovid HasselsmoffightinfilipinosarukunTef
  • TheySlashThemTheySlashThem Registered User regular
    Honest trailers, how it should have ended, and literal E3 trailers are all in the same unfunny hole for me

    The worst

    in general I agree

    "FALCON PUNCH!" was good though

  • AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    I had a really good talk with my counselor today, from a starting point of talking about Robin Williams. She assured me that she's talked to a LOT of people about his death lately. It was comforting, to know I am not alone. Lately I've been slipping, feeling old habits coming back. Most notably, I've been afraid that someday I may end up like him... The guy who is always happy and laughing but inside is in pain. Well, long story short she reassured me that even by seeking help and keeping risk factors away, I was not in danger. And it's really helped me cope.

    But.. man. For not feeling much when he originally died, I've been thinking about him a whole lot.

    He/Him | "A boat is always safest in the harbor, but that’s not why we build boats." | "If you run, you gain one. If you move forward, you gain two." - Suletta Mercury, G-Witch
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