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    Just a heads up. There was an update for the iOS version of Marvel Unlimited which seems to have broken it. It now crashes during the initial loading screen without fail (I have an iPad 2).

    I'm still not happy with the patch last month either. Back when I had it during the SXWX promo, it worked great, but this recent set has it taking up like 4 gigs of space (until I deleted it and reinstalled) and frequently closing when I just turn off the screen and immediately turn it back on

    I guess I got my edit in after you loaded the page. I fixed it by reinstalling. That said, you're absolutely right. Before the reinstall, it was taking up over 2 GB (only 77 MB now) and I also get the occasional crash when it goes to sleep. I still love MU and think it's well worth the money, but it definitely has some kinks to work out.

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