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Flights for sale

andrew nunnandrew nunn Registered User new member
So i already have my flights and accommodation booked for PAX and am super excited, just one snag and that is that i'm moving to Tasmania next week and jet star want to charge me a ridiculous amount of money to change my tickets departure and return from Sydney to Hobart.

What i am able to do however is change the name on my flight to another, so i'm basically asking if someone still looking to book a flight down would like to buy my ticket. Flights include 20kg of stowed baggage.
Flight details are as follows:
Wed 29 Oct 2014
10:55 am
Sydney Airport - T2 Domestic
Melbourne - Tullamarine
Wed 29 Oct 2014
12:30 pm
Melbourne Airport - T1 Domestic

Mon 03 Nov 2014
10:45 am
Melbourne Airport - T1 Domestic
Mon 03 Nov 2014
12:10 pm
Sydney Airport - T2 Domestic

price is $200 firm this is currently about $50 less then same flights booked now, and will transfer details as soon as payment is made. Can contact me privately if more info is needed.


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    This isn't really within our remit, sorry.

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