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Fun with Children

CapekCapek Registered User regular
I've been staying home with my kids (3 and 5) for the last few months and having a nice time. We play outside, we watch Bill Nye and do projects, we draw and paint - it's nice.

I think a few people around have kids, and others have nieces/nephews/little brothers and sisters - so I wanted to start a thread about neat games and projects to do with them, with maybe some peripheral talk about general parenting issues.

I had a few examples in mind to get things rolling. I built this mechanical hand for my robot obsessed son the other day, and that's been pretty fun. I want to get more into building robots with him and his sister as they get older, but I don't want to spend money on kits, so I'm going to get some books about taking apart electronics for parts.


On a separate note, I'm a little irked today with the princess thing that my daughter is into. At first I found it really annoying, then I made peace with it because I realized part of the reason I disliked it was some leftover girls-are-stooopid attitudes from when I was seven. The script writers of cartoons and movies these days seem to be generally aware that they need to fill the princess category with positive qualities, so I don't have a beef there. But then last night I was making up stories with my daughter and she insisted that the princess would be too afraid to fight a dragon, what we needed was a prince. Kind of came out of left field. Grr.

On a third note, I've discovered that my kids like making up characters in video games as much as I do. I have an old Baldur's Gate game from GOG that I play now and again, and I've always enjoyed making up new characters. The kids have gotten really into making up their own characters too, so that's fun.

So let's share our fun pastimes and problems.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. - Fitzgerald
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