[RPG] A simple roleplay adventure

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A simple roleplay adventure it is a RPG game made by Unity. I’m developing it alone and the release date is not available yet (game development is not my first job, so it goes on when i have spare time). It is in alpha phase, here they are features:
- basic 8x8 graphic
- simple storyline with many characters and full of humor
- big world you can interact with
- turn based combat
- 3 characters with different skills and development
- side quests, mysteries, hidden zones
This is a simply demo showing basic gameplay, i will keep it updated as soon as new features are implemented.
I do hope to receive some feedbacks, every opinion, critic or suggestion is very welcome!

This is the link for the demo:

Those are some screenshots!






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    KaemaluxKaemalux Registered User new member
    Hello! I'm the developer of a simple roleplay adventure!

    First af all, thanks to Patrick for the chance to show here my prototype! :)

    Besides introducing me, i just wanna say that i uploaded a site: the demo link in first post is not working anymore, but it is already active in a page of


    If you wanna have a look you are very welcome!

    Have a nice day!

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