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[Free Universal Game] BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart!

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Hi guys,

How long can you farting? Challenge now, laugh out loudly and cheer up your day with the new game BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart!

It can be download in Play Store and App Store for free!

Play Store Link :

iTunes Connect Link:!-my-fart/id904634780?ls=1&mt=8


Love to fart? Test your swiftness of sight and hearing to become next fart master! You got some warm gas inside the body and needed to let it out silently. Fart is funny, let’s farting for fun!

The super hit game BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices! You can play BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart in English, Malay, 中文简体,中文繁體.

Preview video in youtube :


You can also reach us with Facebook, Twitter and our Website by searching Zinitt

BubbleTT website:
Developer website:

Please feel free to do a review and rating for BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart.
Any feedback and suggestion is welcome, please go to our website to contact us

Thank you for playing BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart!

Play Store Link :

iTunes Connect Link:!-my-fart/id904634780?ls=1&mt=8

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