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FTW! 7.0 Pre-Pax Vancouver Dinner

SumiSumi Abbotsford, BCRegistered User regular
It's that time of year again. Time to celebrate the coming of PAX by stuffing our faces with delicious meats and meat-like foodstuffs. Our 7th Annual FTW! (For the Wings!) Night will be held at 5pm this coming Tuesday (August 26th) at Wings on Granville. This is a public event, so if you'd like to meet some fellow Canadians before entering the wonderful but sometimes overwhelming world of PAX, you are certainly welcome.

Please RSVP on our facebook page:
If you cannot/do not want to use facebook, send me a PM instead.

Hope to see you there!

Standard Action, it's a webseries.


  • KevralynKevralyn Registered User regular
    Would dearly love to go, despite not being a fellow Canadian, though living in Vancouver.

    Have a habit of arriving at PAX fashionably early, so will already be in Seattle by that time. Would be nice to meet some local folks though :)

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