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Mighty Morphin Power Thread: where we of course talk about TMNT



  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular
    I'm curious to see how much of the Kyuranger gear gets used for the show beyond the mechs.

  • RenzoRenzo Registered User regular
    I don't hate the new suits, I applaud the choice to separate a bit from Sentai, but there's too much empty space. They need to break it up.

  • LanzLanz ...Za?Registered User regular
    edited January 19
    Renzo wrote: »
    I don't hate the new suits, I applaud the choice to separate a bit from Sentai, but there's too much empty space. They need to break it up.

    I’ve been having a similar feeling oddly about the King Ohger suits for this year too; they need something other than the different shade of their color down the left and right flanks of it [like, even just making the straps for teh chest plates a shared color between each member or something would help, I think.

    I really wish they weren’t doing the sculpted anatomy thing for the Cosmic suits; part of the charm for sentai suits has always been that they avoided that kind of aesthetic that so many western super hero costumes go for

    Lanz on
  • CururuCururu Registered User regular

    That is looking much better than I was expecting.
    Robo-Rita is just goofy enough to fit in perfectly with the the original MMPR vibe.

    Andy JoeArmorocBlackDragon480
  • The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two Crew, Omeganaut Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Richard Horvitz is sounding way more like Zim than Alpha 5 there. Those years of Zim screaming must of permanently altered his vocal chords. 😂

    BLM - ACAB
  • CururuCururu Registered User regular
    Other trailer voice
    Barbara Goodson is also sounding more like Laharl than Rita in that trailer, but that's probably close enough.

  • MancingtomMancingtom Registered User regular
    Just finished Once and Always.

    I really liked it. Minh is a good character that fits right in with the older originals. The story had a lot more going on than usual Rangers fare and managed the Moral of the Day without feeling stilted or saccarhine.

    Given that it’s #3 in Netflix movies today, I wonder if they’ll do other one-off specials.

  • LarsLars Registered User regular
    I tried to find a clip of

    (minor spoilers)
    ...the recreation they did of the original opening...

    but just got a wall of reaction videos and crap like "10 things you missed."

  • LanzLanz ...Za?Registered User regular

    Looks like the rumors that have been crossing over to TokuTwitter are true: eOne/Hasbro has pulled production of Power Rangers out of New Zealand after twenty years of production. Given the other rumors that went with that one I guess they’re going to be doing that reboot after all, whatever form that takes

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