Great event as always, sad story inc looking for advice

Blackfox138Blackfox138 Registered User regular
PAX is always a blast, been going since 2004 never had any problems. Sunday night at Poro-palooza up on Capital Hill someone broke into my carpool's car (they were at the event, I was at Benaroya Hall), took a super fancy camera, and any bags within arms reach. Things lost included a 3DS XL, various games/beta codes (Warlords of Draenor included), pins, and jackets. I know PAX itself can't do anything, and expo booths probably won't fall for any sob stories (might just say "get back in line and try again"), but any advice? Already did all the insurance stuff and police claim is a consideration (only thing of major money value was the camera, everything else is small or sentimental value), it's just one of those "Well that's a bummer, what next?"


  • DuelLadySDuelLadyS Registered User regular
    Since you already put in the insurance claims on the expensive but easy to replace items (like the camera and the 3DS), I'd say just list out anything specific you know is gone, and contact companies. No guarantees of anything, or course, but sometimes people have extra items around and are willing to help out- including the vendors. I know Cards Against Humanity, for example, has helped people with stolen product more than once before. (Classy group, those guys- you'd never guess it looking at their product!)

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