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Images from PAX, are they copyrighted?

GoldenTriforceGoldenTriforce Registered User new member
So I was going to use an image of the Nintendo booth for something on a website (the booth from Prime 2013). The only issue is the website (petition website) will not allow copyrighted images to be used. My question is, can I use this photo, or would it be copyrighted by Nintendo, PAX, or the photo taker? Also I am new to the forums, so yeah.



  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    edited September 2014
    Generally speaking, photos are copyright of the person who took the picture.

    If a photographer is working for hire, then the pictures may be property of whomever hired them to take the picture, but generally speaking it's the individual who took the picture.

    As long as you aren't using it for profit, you should probably be okay with using a photograph as long as you properly give credit to the person who took the photograph.

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  • GoldenTriforceGoldenTriforce Registered User new member
    okay thanks

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