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An idea of games with 0 game making knowledge

sirvenomiksirvenomik Registered User new member
First of all let me introduce my self, I am Sirvenomik "salutes" i am a streamer (no, no shameless plug for the channel) one day i was talking to the chat, and well we were thinking about a game that might be awesome if some one created this masterpeice called
Stream tycoon or some thing along those lines,
having the same Game Dev Tycoon feel of you are a streamer you start out with level one skill and the quality of your stream is 20% the goal is to be the best have the most"viewers" and donations and quality that (may be track across every one that plays this game ) the more you play the more things you can unlock, and the new unlocks can be games up graded pc parts, a web cam a mic, with some interactive questions from your virtual viewers... well if you want any more detail i can go back to our video log and get what ever information you require this a thing u guys would be intrested in? i have 0 program skills or design skills i figured that maybe u guys might know some one that can do this..
you start out only being able to stream for a few hours each day because u have a "real job" to go back to u can set up a set schedule u have bills to pay!! there are several different broad caster options. streamer sites each with there own set of rules and perks and hinders.. challenges arise when copy wright laws are made. u can pay for better inter webs and to get the best webs u can move if u have enuff money invites to conventions game dev gifts and so on the things are endless put it on a 30 year cycle and maybe point system ala GDT and the leader boards i do not know any thoughts any one i can send this to?

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