Kraden's Crypt, a roguelike that gives you control over your attacks [Win/Linux]

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Demo Win/Linux - Mac not ready yet
Check us out at www.KradensCrypt.com

Kraden's Crypt is a co-op roguelike about having fine control over your weapons. To fire arrows you pull and release the mouse, to swing your sword you swing your mouse. We then sprinkle on a heavy dose of animation. I'd love to get some feedback on the demo, especially if you can play locally with your friends. We are currently in Alpha but are hoping to release mid 2015.

Current Features
Couch Multiplayer co-op
Random dungeon layouts – The crypt will randomly generate room order to keep you on your toes
Hand crafted rooms – Each of the many rooms with be designed carefully and finely tuned to the game’s mechanics
Epic Boss Fights – We love boss fights and we want to make our bosses memorable and exciting
Lots of enemies – Fight off a vast array of wacky and wonderful creatures that lurk in the crypt
Player determined classes – There are no set classes in KC to choose from, rather players can mix and max equipment to their liking
Physics based combat – You determine how your character fights

Planned Features
Online Multiplayer co-op
NPC dialogue
Puzzles and mini quests
More Dungeon Floors
Gold and things to spend it on


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