[Estiah2] A new MMO in your browser, now with real-time battles!

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Some of you may have seen or played the first game of the serie. There even was a strong PA community in the game (coming from this topic), that lead to most advanced guild both in term of PvE and PvP during the golden age of the game.

But today, after years of work, we finally released the sequel:

Estiah 2 is not just a sequel, it is a completely new and different game.
While the first game was mostly text based, the adventures in Estiah 2 take place in a much more colorful world. The biggest change lies, without a doubt, in the battle system.


We fight using cards that represent spell and abilities. Like most card games, the player has a deck, a hand, and will have to play the right card at the right time. Cards used provide Runes that act as resource for stronger abilities. Since there are 20 different kind of runes, each with its own flavor, building an efficient and synergizing deck will be a crucial part of the strategy.

There are a lot of ways to gain cards: Exploring dungeons, completing quests, advancing the storyline, crafting, ...
All the freedom of true RPG can be found.

And of course, the MMO part is not forgotten. Who says dungeons, says big scripted encounters. A lot of them can be tackled alone, but some will require small parties of players to defeat.


Cards will not be the only reward you gain in the game. Your character will earn skills, achievements, and will eventually be able to specialize into one of the 6 top-tier classes


There's still a lot of features like guild battles, pet system etc. that will be rolled out progressively. For now we think the game has enough content to keep players busy for a few months.

If you are curious, the game is entirely done in html5 and javascript hell. That makes the game playable on most modern browsers. The games is also compatible on smartphones and tablets (through web browser), but we don't recommend devices with a small screen, since there are a lot of things to display during the battles.

Good luck to all those that try the game. Maybe PA community will come to dominate the game once more!
Anyway, we hope you guys will enjoy it, we did put a lot of efforts into this game :)

Game - http://www.estiah2.com/
Registering - http://www.estiah2.com/account/create
Class description - http://www.estiah2.com/specialization
Novel based on game universe - http://www.estiah2.com/story


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    lezardlezard Registered User regular
    Thank you Tube for the post.

    I will be available for questions any of you may have about the game, or hints for the campaign.

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