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Forum Community Swag- interest?

brettness37brettness37 Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular

I love my pin, coins and dice from various Primes. Is there anyone interested in spearheading an effort? Or purchasing said items?


  • CyberFeyCyberFey Registered User regular
    An effort for what? I'm not understanding what you're looking for. Making a list of available swag? That could be super cool.

  • brettness37brettness37 Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular

    Making a Challenge Coin, Forum Pin or dice set.

  • X3R0 9X3R0 9 Registered User regular
    I've always bought the Challenge Coins, they're great for the reminder that you went. I would be interested and buying the Coin for PAX South, a dice set and forum pin if they become available. Here is the link to the Boston Challenge Coin thread. Here's the front and back look of the coin. Here is PAX Prime's coin thread.

    Can anybody provide pictures of any forum pins that were done in the past?

  • KhaytorKhaytor MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    I'd love to get a Challenge Coin as well. I love the EAST one's!

  • PineappleChuckPineappleChuck Registered User regular
    I'm a sucker for this stuff and will throw money at whatever trinkets you present.

  • miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    edited October 2014
    If you're trying to do the forum community pin, that should be easy enough as all the work has been done, from whoever makes them from Prime. Just need to contact that person for the information. I'll see if I can look back to who ever made them.

    Edit. Found em. It was @Skelevader

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  • MasterRokkuMasterRokku Registered User regular
    Here's a link to the PAX South challenge coin thread.

    PAX South Status: [x] Room @ The Marriot - [x] 3 day pass - [x] Vacation scheduled
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