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[GAME ON] So who wants to play some Brütal Legend?

ElaroElaro ApologeticRegistered User regular
edited September 2014 in Social Entropy++

Do you have Brütal Legend on PC? You do?! Maybe we can play a big ol' 4v4 multiplayer match! Okay, we'll need 8 people though. Now, counting you and me, that's two, but we'll need more people... What do you say? Steam has a friends list management and matchmaking tools? Well okay, let's all post our steam names so we know who to add as friends and who to contact for a game!


You (Not an actual steam friend)

But we'll also have to organize when we're going to be online to play... if only we could have a sort of bulletin board where people could announce their availability or when they want to play a match, then everyone could see that...


Elaro: Available from 5 to 10 PM EST, Monday through Sunday, and earlier on the week-ends

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Elaro on


  • PoorochondriacPoorochondriac Ah, man Ah, jeezRegistered User regular
    I don't have BL on PC, and haven't played in years, but I can remedy both of those problems with relative ease.

    Put me on this dingdang ol' list, pretty please

    My availability is a joke with no punchline, but I'll keep an eye on the thread and be a floater

  • Lord HomsarLord Homsar Lord of Hammers Registered User regular
    edited September 2014
    I am definitely down for some Brutality, throw me on the list. Availability is pretty much whenever in the evening.

    Lord Homsar on
  • I Win SwordfightsI Win Swordfights all the traits of greatness starlight at my feetRegistered User regular
    what's sad is if it didn't have the RTS elements i'd have loved it

  • That Dave FellaThat Dave Fella Registered User regular
    I didn't finish BL cause I got so sick of the RTS.

    PSN: ThatDaveFella
  • That Dave FellaThat Dave Fella Registered User regular
    for the most part it was really fun but it just felt like the game was pulling in a bunch of different directions

    PSN: ThatDaveFella
  • GoatmonGoatmon Companion of Kess Registered User regular
    what's sad is if it didn't have the RTS elements i'd have loved it

    Yeah, I loved the hack and slash parts of the game.

    And then it basically turned into an RTS with hack and slash elements, and it became really difficult to bother finishing the game.

    I still managed, but it was frustrating.

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