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Man-made Climate Change debunked as the liberal hoax it is

EmmaRoydesEmmaRoydes Registered User new member

Since 2007, the Aldabra Banded Snail (Rhachistia aldabrae) has been the chief poster mollusc of climate alarmists across the globe. That's because - according to a peer-reviewed paper published by an "expert" in the field, Justin Gerlach, it was the first extinction directly attributable to climate change. It has been found alive and well - and living where it always has for the past 80,000 - on the Indian Ocean atoll of Aldabra. Oops, that should be mollusk! Sorry about that!! Did you happen to read the November 25, 2013 Canadian weekly magazine Macleans cover story? Adds more fuel to the climate alarmist fire. But, since you rightly insist that a single event does not an alarmist theory destroy, I'll start making more posters highlighting the follies of climate alarmism. I'm not a graphic artist, so it will take me some time to get them right.

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    ^^this guy is on a roll.

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    I can't wait for more of his posters.

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