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On Men From Space and Their Propensity For Knowing Kung-Fu

ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
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Dear D&D Ladies and Gentlefolk,

Spacekungfuman is returning to our forums. Yes, we are aware of it. Yes, it was on purpose. No, you should not derail 37 threads discussing it. It is our policy that certain banned forumers, after a sufficient cooling-off-period, may be allowed to return, because we are benevolent and forgiving overlords. What does this mean for everyone? Pretty much nothing. SKFM is just another forumer. This is not a red letter day, this is not anything special. The only reason we are bothering to make this notice is that we know some of you are going to want to make a huge deal of it. Do not do that thing, because you will make our mod staff very grumpy and you will draw infractions like whoa.

The D&D Mods

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