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[Soccer Spirits] Gonzo Boob Gacha Soccer Nightmare (phone/tablet)

Thor1590Thor1590 Registered User regular
edited September 2014 in Games and Technology
I've found a fun phone game! It has IAP and some of the crud that comes with it, but it seems fairer and nicer than 99% of the IAP stuff I've played. It's on iOS and Google Play for sure, not sure about Android. Unlike Brave Frontier and, say, Summoners [sic]War, there's a bit of depth to the gameplay I haven't seen in other IAP games.


There is an embarrassing amount of cheesecake present and it demeans us all. There isn't any real-deal nudity, but it is consistently dangerously close and would definitely be NSFW. Pretty much any screenshots would have to be of male characters. I wanted to get this out of the way before I started talking about the game, because I don't support that aspect of it at all and wanted to warn people who would avoid it for that reason.


It's a soccer RPG! Matches consist of 10 players on each team trying to get a single point. The story (such as it is) is basically G Gundam with soccer instead of robots.


Each row of 3 players (with the goalie being in the third row) functions as a line the player with the ball has to break through. It's like the n-th dimensional chess version of a JRPG.

Each player has unique skills and passives, with roles such as Defender, Assist, Striker, Leader, and Attacker. These roles are NOT random (lookin' at you, Brave Frontier), so you don't need to worry if the character you just pulled is better or worse than he or she could be.
  • Defender: Favorite spots generally consist of the back rows, but there are some outliers. Specialized in stealing the ball back once the enemy team has reached the defender, skills are generally single-target attacks with bonus steal and reduced retaliation damage. Gets bonuses to defense and hp recovery.
  • Assist: Specializes in passing. Passing moves the ball to the next player on your team who would have a turn, and gives them an attack boost. Assists increase that attack boost. Skills involve passing either across rows or over them, carrying a hefty extra bonus along with it.
  • Striker: Specialized in shooting, which is an attack that attempts to get the ball past the goalie but gives the ball to them if you don't make it. This isn't the end of the world, since most players' goalies have plenty of hp and they take reduced damage from attacks that aren't shots. In other words, you'll probably need to shoot a couple of times and these guys are much better at it.
  • Leader: All-rounders with bonuses to spirit (skill) bar generation. Passives often include buffs for the row they're on, skills generally have bonuses for the entire team.
  • Attacker: The Guys Who Kills Mans. Receives hefty bonuses when attacking, including great reduction of retaliation damage. Specializes in penetration (the basic attack if you have the ball), which, if you kill the opponent, carries you through to the next line.

Each player also has a favorite position on the grid. Mixing and matching roles, powers, and strengths across the field can lead to some interesting strategies. You can have a bunch of Assists in your back row, sacrificing some defense for the opportunity to use (for some characters) their skill: a Long Pass that sends the ball to your forward line! You can have an Attacker-type backline, focused on offing the enemy's offensive line before they get the chance to shoot, giving you the opportunity to carry it forward through the rest of their rows. You can have a single superstar Striker on your frontline, backed up by a cadre of Assists to pass to him and crush their defensive line There are plenty of options!

There's also the ever-present rock-paper-scissors element wheel: light > dark > ardor >whirlwind > lightning >light. Each group of characters seem to have different specialties; the big-name lightning guys I've seen have ridonks attack, for instance.

There's a Colosseum, which is sort of a series of competitive point challenges that rotate weekly. Tip: if you're stuck, don't be afraid to reset. Your highest score is preserved for the week! Often, restarting and going back up to where you were will net you more points since your players will have more levels and get more points for the match.

There's PvP, set up in a tournament format. You can't control your team in PvP, so there will be a lot of foul language about how dumb your players are. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Annnndddd Story missions, which there are a ton of. Don't actually expect a story, though. Story missions you've completed can be replayed with additional challenges for bonus rewards, but it's not as interesting as you'd hope.

Why you should try it RIGHT NOW!

Since it released < 3 days ago globally, there's a promotion going on where you get 5 free tickets for The Gacha That Costs Money, along with a ton of other goodies including IAP-buxx and a free 5-star character if you get to level 15 during the event, which is trivial. I'm a fan of run-on sentences.

Some IAP info!

Good news: You get a free Gacha Pull That Costs Money every 3 days for free, no strings attached. Yay! Through the Scouting system you can save up PvP/Colosseum currency to buy rare guys you want without ever spending money. You also get the Currency That Costs Real Money regularly throughout the game.

Some notes
  • Save up crystals for the 300 crystal 11-pull! You get a 4-star guaranteed and one more pull than you would spending 300 for individual pulls.
  • There is a lot of incredibly poor translation! Some skills will read "Increases attack power by <x>% and decreases inflicted damage by <x>%". That increases YOUR attack power while decreasing THEIR retaliation damage, as opposed to what you were probably thinking, which is that this game doesn't make sense.
  • Part of the promotion from above gives you a character who, when fed to a guy, gives them a Superb Level-up (bonus skill point). SAVE HIM FOR A 5-STAR. It's basically the only way to Superb Skill-Up 5-star guys and I'd hate to hear anyone waste it on 4-stars or below.
  • A draw occurs when the match timer reaches 45 minutes. This is in crazy spec-up arbitrary magic game time, not real-time. The timers increments as action bars fill, not when actions occur. A draw counts as a loss, so heads up.
  • Since on the left and right sides there can be a max of two defenders at the goal, while in the middle there can be 3, it can be beneficial to put your best striker on the side. Damage is split between defenders.

In closing

Since this game just came out, there is next to no information on it that can be read without the ability to read Korean. This is the Wild West, folks! We're on the ground floor! I mean, my ID in the game is literally just "Zach." It was available. Blew my mind.

This also means as far as what the "best" units are, what the meta is, etc., I really don't have an answer for you beyond my opinion.

But that's what adventure is all about. Let's do this.

Edit: and, of course, first-time-OP pointers are appreciated.

Thor1590 on
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