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Afterlife with Archie Fan Art

GreatGodzooksGreatGodzooks Registered User new member
Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to share some artwork. For this fan art I wanted to copy the style of the old creepy and eerie comics.


Let me know what you think.


  • MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    Because of the "Danger Around Every Corner" tag, I feel that this is supposed to be a cover. If it is, I would suggest exploring a different page size, specifically "digest size", which would lend an air of retro-ness to your design.

  • GreatGodzooksGreatGodzooks Registered User new member
    Thanks for the advice MagicToaster. I didn't even consider changing the actual page size to give a different effect to the design. It's something I'm definitely going to research.

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