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  • ScooterScooter Registered User regular
    Elaro wrote: »
    good for Connecticut.

    Regarding cops, would anyone else prefer a cop dying to a civilian dying? I mean, that's what I find respectable about the law officer profession, that they're willing to die for others to live. I think that should mean thinking twice before shooting someone. Maybe they shouldn't value their own life above the life of a random person on the street. Maybe we should instill a sense of selflessness in cops. Maybe that will stop the killings.

    While I'm not really expecting the average cop to go jumping in front of bullets to save people, this is why the heavily aggressive tactics the police use now bother me. In the name of officer safety, it seems like they've stopped caring what happens to civilians (innocent, guilty, or guilty-but-cmon-they-stole-a-candy-bar-for-crying-out-loud). Shoot whenever threatened, arrest people with ten times the actual force needed, raid a house at 2 in the morning with two dozen cops because someone saw some weed there once...

    I can't believe that a police force exists to serve and protect when the people they mostly seem worried about protecting are themselves.

  • Desert LeviathanDesert Leviathan Registered User regular
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    Dubh wrote: »
    ah man, that guilt trip about church attendance sucks, Hanged Man

    glad my mom never did that sort of thing

    Thank you.. but it's not what you're probably thinking. We have a fairly positive relationship. I just went through some personal bullshit that prompted my agnostic shift, and anything that reminds her of it starts up the waterworks. It's a case of her being unable to stop suffering through old trials, not a case of her treating me poorly for my decisions, if that makes any sense.

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  • DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular
    Shorty wrote: »
    Priest wrote: »
    Eh, I could do without Mitt running again.

    Between him and Hil's, I think he'd probably win.

    And I'll pass on a conservative carte-blanche in DC.

    Edit: What baffles me is how the GOP thinks someone with the last name Bush is electable in 2016.

    it's early, the GOP hasn't actually thrown their support behind him yet

    but I mean, the GOP has election analysts too, they know what it will take to get their guy into office and the truth of the matter is that chances are really slim that any candidate could make it to the white house

    so right now it probably makes the most sense for them to play the long game, go with someone who can make hillary clinton look bad, but who never has a real chance, then start grooming a candidate for 2020 while they spend her first term undermining her from the House and the Senate

    You say this and I always think back to the fact that Romney didn't have a concession speech prepared.

    Think about that.

    He got whallopped. It was not Bush v Gore where it could have swung either way, it was a drubbing.

    ...and he hadn't spent five minutes of an assistant's time to prepare for the chance he might lose.

    Republican's tendency to consider facts they don't like optional is a serious problem for them. That their primary system is only split about 50/50 between the crazy grassroots partisans and the big money establishment means they don't really get to have coronations. Romney was always the establishment choice and it took ages for him to lock the nomination because nobody in the base cared for him.

    You have to assume they wouldn't keep making the same mistakes but if Romney even thinks he has a hope of running again...

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  • JayKaosJayKaos Registered User regular
    I was just thinking the same thing.

    Though, I suppose it's always possible that the people in the GOP camp who have any idea what's going on just never told Romney.

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  • ShortyShorty touching the meat Intergalactic Cool CourtRegistered User regular
    JayKaos wrote: »
    I was just thinking the same thing.

    Though, I suppose it's always possible that the people in the GOP camp who have any idea what's going on just never told Romney.

    I think this is extremely likely

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