Please don't shoot me, question on...Manga (The Gamer)

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I figured this goes in Graphic violence section, as i don't see any other sections for Manga specifically. However, i don't see anyone talking about manga here, so i'm assuming it's cause it's either hated, or i'm in the wrong spot. On these forums could be either really...

That said i'm gonna go ahead and just ask the question and re post somewhere else if required.

I'm looking for information on a manga called "The Gamer". I've found it online and fell in love with it; i'd like to give them money to show my support by actually buying it. But i can't seem to find any official information on it. Like publisher or official website. I've done a little digging on Google and only came up with secondary manga reading sites. There's a Facebook page and a wiki but neither seem to give much "official" information. Just stuff like whose translating whose posting, etc.

I've never done much official manga related stuff, never really caught my eye. So i don't have a base line for anything. I don't even know a local store that would carry it if it's sold in america at all.

Thanks in advance for all your help. And sorry again if this is the wrong spot for manga related questions.


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    "The Gamer" appears to be a South Korean web original/webtoon, basically a webcomic. The way to "support" it seems to be via liking/sharing from this site.

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