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Samsung Galaxy S4 - not detecting SIM cards

winter_combat_knightwinter_combat_knight Registered User regular
edited October 2014 in Help / Advice Forum
Hi all,

My Samsung Galaxy S4 is not detecting my SIM card. I went to my local Virgin Mobile store, and the staff member replaced my SIM card with a new one - and still, my mobile is not detecting the SIM card.
He said its likely a hardware issue, and I have to send it off to Samsung for repairs (which come under warranty) - HOWEVER - This could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to return...


Has anyone experienced this issue and know if there's any way I can resolve it?
Does anyone know if a system restore voids warranty?

I felt like this analysis by the staff member was pretty average.

winter_combat_knight on


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    xThanatoSxxThanatoSx Registered User regular
    edited October 2014
    That's pretty much an accurate diagnosis though.

    If a phone is failing to read a SIM card, can only be one of two things. Either A) your SIM is bad or B) your SIM slot is bad.

    Since the phone didn't recognize a different SIM, that points the finger at the hardware.

    I've never seen a SIM not being read issue have a software resolution.

    A system restore/master reset does not void the warranty so if you want to go that route, it's not going to hurt anything. Just be prepared to send your phone off to Samsung to have them fix it.

    xThanatoSx on
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    PantshandshakePantshandshake Registered User regular
    I hate to ask this, but I have to.

    Did you reboot the phone?

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    xThanatoSxxThanatoSx Registered User regular
    The phone would have been rebooted when the SIM was swapped - the SIM card on an S4 is behind the battery, so the reboot is unavoidable.

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    AtaxrxesAtaxrxes Hellnation Cursed EarthRegistered User regular
    edited October 2014
    Try a factory reset (probably won't do anything.) If you are feeling adventurous you could swap the sim tray out yourself, it's really not that hard if you have steady hands. Admittedly I do this sort of thing for a living...The part you need only costs like $5.00. This one here. That may not be the correct one for your model number now that I think about it, but still, it is not expensive.

    Ataxrxes on
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