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    What is with all these nerds writing thousand+ page fantasy books? Ain't nobody got time for that.

    On the contrary, nerds do have time for that.

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    i love pastrami

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    guys this cat my mum wants to get is named Meatloaf
    I love this cat already

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    Being less than a mile outside of amazing deli's delivery range is hitler

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    Well this post doesnt work on THIS page!

    Neco on
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    i got drinks with a lady i was not originally enthused abt but at least i got smooches, but then i also realized in hindsight it was right in front of a church so that is weird

    i got a mezcal margarita also thanks to the deebaser influence

    then i watched flash which was pretty damn good

    then i watched agents of shield which was not bad

    i hope arrow gets better this season cuz i am not sure of how it's starting out yet

    i should sleep so i can gym tomorrow

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    I've got to imagine that the threeway question has to get old super quick for bi girls.

    Not to mention the just general assumption that bi = promiscuity

    Oh as a bi guy we get that too. Our equivalent is constant "No, you're really gay/straight...." conversation. But all bisexuals get the promiscuity.

    as guys it's a little bit more of the depraved bisexual idea, too

    Gotta watch out for that guy

    he'll fuck anything!

    The depraved bisexual THING, especially with how common it is in fictionland, really bothers me.

    That said, I'd probably be able to jerk a dude off now without really being squeamish about it, now that I'm older and more depraved. I bet in thirty years I could totally have gay sex like whatever.

    I'd still be straight though.

    I remember having friends of mine laugh about my apparent lack of sexual preference even back in high school, but it was only really within a few years ago that I sort of really was able to think it all through and realize like, oh yeah, hey, I'm totally bi, aren't I?

    (Actually it's basically the dorkiest fucking self-discovery you can imagine too, since that revelation basically came from reading the manga Octave. Hence why I love that story so much even though it's got so many problems.)

    Like I had had some male friends who I had sort of been crushing on a bit and hadn't really had any way of understanding my feelings with them, because I had always just assumed I was "straight but not narrow" and so I couldn't really recognize what was going on there?

    But all that being said I usually still just identify as straight because I'm not really seeking out a same-sex relationship, and it feels kind of ... I dunno, presumptuous to try to claim any sort of queer legitimacy or whatever you'd call it when I can still just be an invisible bi dude dating women with no problems.


    I spent several years flirting "unseriously" with girls and telling people I was "Y'know, just a little further away from the end of the Kinsey scale" and "bicurious but not questioning" and "maybe a little queer" or whatever. Eventually I got tired of that because it was sort of BS and then I went with "yeah I sometimes like girls" and eventually I decided on "Bisexual" because it's just goddamn easier than explaining things.

    All labels are simplifications.

    For example, I'm generally totally happy dating male-bodied people and mostly interested in male-bodied people and liking female-bodied people is something that happens not very often. It definitely happens, but not nearly with the frequency of liking le D.

    Explaining that to people usually ends up making them see my sexuality as "basically straight" or "just experimenting".

    I definitely also feel weird at LGBTQIA* functions because of this, and also because I've not experienced really much direct oppression as a result of my sexuality (which I am VERY grateful for), and so I feel sort of like some kind of ass when people are talkin' about their experiences with that sort of thing and I'm just like "I mean, my grandma was kind of weird about it but tried not to be mean or anything? Everyone else was kind of like w/e."

    I totally hear you on feeling disingenuous about sexuality

    I've been attracted to plenty of dudes in the past but have never actually actively pursued a guy so it sometimes feels a bit phony

    To be fair the one time I even thought to ask anyone out she got to me first (<3 @Dread Pirate Arbuthnot) so maybe we can chalk it up to me just being anxious about pulling the trigger on asking anyone out at all

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    i wish i could eat food but oh well i am not allowed to

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