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I am completely sucked into Trove, mostly for the building side. I want to cover the walls to the sky in various Marvel Sprites.

The problem is, while I have almost no height limit, I can only go 16 pixels wide. This has become a nightmare of endlessly finding the perfect pic on GIS , only to count the width to around 20-24ish, sigh.

Any search term secrets for pixel/sprite art searches? Anyone maybe have some Marvel sprites stashed in a picture folder somewhere? If find a fitting one link away even in a reply.

I'll try and get screenshots of any I do make.

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    The one I have done so far


    Steam! Battlenet:Wisemantobes#1508
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    Hey, i'm an amateur pixel artist.

    16 pixels wide is pretty dang narrow.

    I started doing 20x20 sprites and now upgraded to 40x40 and I think it's the sweet spot for me.

    I'd say the simplest thing to do would be for you to start drawing your own Xx16 sprites and then building them in Trove.

    I had not heard of Trove before.

    Anyway, the trick to pixel art with a restrictive resolution is to practice a lot and streamline. you can convey a lot of details with a single pixel of the right color. Start by making a really basic "Person" sprite and build around that.

    That magneto picture is a good example. Try making as generic a character as you can starting with your Magneto sprite and dress it up. With time, you'll get better.

    As for drawing sprites, you can use pretty much any program, i like using GIMP2 myself, because it's free, but you can use paint if you're doing basic sprites only.

    Edit: You can PM me or notify me if you have specific questions

    (Forgot this was a H/A thread, heh)

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    Ya 16 is soooo narrow has been the one thing I 've managed to learn so far. I really should use a program to sketch it first. My art skills are poopy for the most part tho, so I was googling for at least templates.

    But ya I keep doing them in game, and I'll get something almost right then woops I've hit 18 pixels and now Shadowcat doesn't get arms.

    edit: Trove itself fairly new, I ended up in the closed beta for it is only reason I can even play it.

    Another option I was considering, is to go 30-32 wide, and use 2 walls at once, and then it's just sort of on an angle, wondering how much that'll skew the picture is all. the Houses for building on are weird dimensions.

    16 wide, by 16 long, by 300 height. ( I'd totally give up some height for a bit more width/length in a heartbeat)

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    Steam! Battlenet:Wisemantobes#1508
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