Unable to attend due recent circumstances

KeirouKeirou Registered User new member
Hi Guys,
Between me my partner and my friend who all have tickets, we purchased insurance at the time of getting the tickets, but however are unable to go due to a family wedding (how inconsiderate) and a medical reason.
Who do we contact as the FAQ is not 100% Clear on the matter.


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I would have assumed that there would be information in your confirmation email after purchasing the tickets.

    Barring that, email info@paxaustralia.com.au

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    KeirouKeirou Registered User new member
    thats what I thought, went through the entire email chain and couldn't find anything... i emailed them earlier, still waiting to hear back though :(
    so bummed we can't go, loved it last year and wanted to make it an annual holiday :(

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