Making a long-form video game review series, looking for feedback on first episode

TFXRavenTFXRaven Galactic EmperorPhoenix, AZRegistered User regular
Drop it on me. Trying to make these every two or three months, something around 30-45 minutes.



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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    I dont think we can really provide much in the way of feedback on this, its you talking and some cut together footage. I dont think its bad but its not really in line with what we are equipped to critique.

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    sampangolinsampangolin Registered User regular
    Why is it so long? I watched some but frankly I got bored. It comes across as a sort of documentray about ubisoft to begin with, followed by a much too long review of watchdogs.

    What's your goal? Popular YouTube channels release videos every week, sometimes more than one a day. You won't gain any traction with 4 - 6 videos a year.

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