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San Antonio Indie Companies and those looking to move to SA

edgeiconedgeicon Registered User new member
San Antonio is a very very richly diverse city of Texas, arguably more so than any other major city. From great options for living essentials and lots of downtown culture, there are lots of things to do, yet also a massive amount of free space to grow.

SA has grown at an incredible rate the last few years. I should know, I grew up here. I grew up and for a while hated it. I moved across Texas to Austin and Dallas, and loved each city for their own unique characteristics. I moved to Florida for school, and now live in Tokyo Japan as a 3D cinematics artist. And the more I move around, the more I realize what a gold mine SA is and will become.
I think maybe PA recognizes that too. so I want to emphasize community more than anything right now.

I think it is quintessential to the livelihood for not only the future of SA in the game community, but Texas a whole. To get talking and get connected.


What lucky companies are currently gracing these southern lands, and what companies might be looking to learn more about SA? I will be visiting the states to attend Saturday * full week passes are sold old, otherwise Id be here the whole time.

Even if you are just a worker and not a business owner, I would love to hear about where you're at, if you've been to SA before and your thoughts and questions.
Allow me to be your guide of sorts here on the forums.

and since I am out here in Tokyo, as we say out here.

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Lets all take care of each other!

From fans to Businesses, we are family out here!

Here's my info if you need to contact me outside the forum.

[email protected]


  • Retro JoseRetro Jose Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    It is pretty cool that you get to work in Japan. I work for Game Over Videogames. We are an independent company that focuses on retro games. I have had a blast working for the company, so when you are in S.A you should check out one if not both stores we have in S.A.

  • edgeiconedgeicon Registered User new member
    Hey there! Yeah I'll look for those stores! When I lived in San Antonio I would be down San Pedro Rd. road a lot to go to Diversions Arcade. :D

  • Retro JoseRetro Jose Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    My favorite was an old laundry mat that doesn't exist anymore, but had Bubble Bobble. I learned how to do laundry that way so i can eek out an extra quarter or two.

  • TrailsongTrailsong Bard, Rogue, and Part-Time Legend Somewhere East of insanityRegistered User regular
    I'll second that Game Over is great for their good stock of retro games and modern gamer crack (Skylanders figs and the like). The San Pedro store is in what used to be North Park mall and is now Park North shopping center (Sears, Target, a giant new Alamo Drafthouse theater). The Diversions is still there on San Pedro, too, thankfully; it's one of the few arcades left in the city. And the laundry across the street has a Ms. Pac Man that I could play for a full drying cycle on a single quarter, much to the chagrin of the owners who wished I'd hurry up and toss more money in it.

    Retro Jose
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