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Any WoW people going to PAX?

ShanoreShanore Registered User regular
Proudmoore pride! We should all meet up ^_^



  • JambleJamble MelbourneRegistered User new member
    Barthilas here! A few of my guildies flew down to meet up and everything.
    I think there are a few of us around

  • solomanisolomani Sydney, AURegistered User regular
    Bit late but 8 of us from darthremar. I actually saw a blood elf wizard cosplay. That was the only wow related thing I saw. Blizzard really needs to join us here in AU.

  • JambleJamble MelbourneRegistered User new member
    I'm not sure if they typically get involved with pax and it's so close to blizzcon that I doubt they would.
    Still, it would be awesome if they did!

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Blizzard has had a presence at the last handful of US paxen, but yeah Aus is probably a bit too close to blizzcon at the moment. Maybe they'll go with a partner like they did in years past (like have some reps at an nvidia booth, or something like that).

  • KevralynKevralyn Registered User regular
    I missed the belf, but there was certainly a great nelf cosplay.

    And yes, while it would have been good to see a showing from Blizzard, I reckon Zerzhul has it on the money there. Would have liked to have seen a little WoD, even if I am not likely to play it.

  • KeevaKeeva Registered User new member
    I wish I'd seen this thread earlier!

    There were quite a few WoW players, and a few cosplayers. I'm from Caelestrasz :)

  • ShanoreShanore Registered User regular
    Next year we can all tear up the streets :P It's so sad how empty proudmoore is of aussies since the AU server move :C :C :C

  • JambleJamble MelbourneRegistered User new member
    You should transfer to one of the Australia servers! The latency is incredible, it's like a whole new world (of warcraft).

    Should have a few more friends coming down next year though and I'll be sure to check the forums to see if we can organise something.

  • ShanoreShanore Registered User regular
    Eh, I've been with my guild for years, most of the reason I play is to hang out with them :) So I can't see much point in moving server (Plus if I had less lag I'd have no excuse for sucking ass)

  • YoeeYoee Registered User new member
    I got to meet one guy from my Aussie Aman'Thul Guild last year which was fun :)
    I agree with shanore tho its hard to leave a server where you have made friends :P 90% of my toons are still on US servers haha

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