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Post pax Party (Beta Bar)

SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
Sorry if this thread isn't allowed, but I wanted to hear from people who also went to the Post PAX Party - the Beta Bar one. It was at Russell St. While it didn't have "never have I ever" from the last one (who remembers the shenanigans of that??), It had its own unique flavour.

I've taken some photos with my phone but others took much nicer ones with their dslrs. My highlights:;
  • Playing cards against humanity while drinking, and being able to walk to a literal bar for more drinks
  • Playing scott pilgrim vs the world on a screen above the bar with others
  • SK Interstate arcade, with the sit down cabinet and the red rotating turret. That game was mesmorizing, and it needs to be put places now. Like, right now. Two of the players are tiny ships, and the middle is a "boss" ship (player three) that has 4 rotating turrets.
  • The Medic charity session with cards against humanity being played on stage. They would pick crowd members to nominate one of the stage members, and they get a prize. Really gets you into the game!
  • The atmosphere was great, friendly and welcoming with people moving out of the way if you were moving through somewhere, asking others if they'd like to join in a game etc.

They also had a custom cards against humanity deck I forgot to buy :(

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