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  • ZayZay yes i am zay Registered User regular
    i did talon king on my DK and got it on my druid

  • HunteraHuntera Rude Boy Registered User regular
    Zay wrote: »
    i did talon king on my DK and got it on my druid

    well I might do that one, then

    but Masked Chuckler is character specific at the moment

  • DysDys Registered User regular
    Huntera wrote: »
    Lord Dave wrote: »
    Huntera wrote: »
    I did the Netherwing grind twice, ogri'la & skyguard both once and the laughing skull grind

    If the titles were account-wide I'd probably do Steamwheedle Preservation Society and Arakkoa outcasts

    Oh god, they aren't account wide? That's awful.

    yeah none of the draenor reps give account-wide titles

    Hunterb is the only Masked Chuckler i'll ever have...


  • BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User regular
    SeñorAmor wrote: »
    Adus wrote: »
    i should get a reward for playing mmos since everquest in 99


    a new life


    UO. 1997.

    Represent, yo.

    I'm kinda sad no one has ever made another UO-style game

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