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Secret Wars (formerly Avengers - the Multiverse Saga)



  • BladeOfSanjuroBladeOfSanjuro Registered User regular
    No Spoilers, just gonna say I think Hickman stuck the landing pretty good.

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  • mojojoeomojojoeo A block off the park, living the dream.Registered User regular
    No Spoilers, just gonna say I think Hickman stuck the landing pretty good.

    I mean, i would not have ever bet on it.

    but yes, yes he did.

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  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    He stuck the landing, but I feel like there was a lot of filler in this series. Still. It'll be a trade I eventually put proudly on my shelf.

  • glithertglithert Registered User regular
    That was an amazing finale

  • TexiKenTexiKen Dammit! That fish really got me!Registered User regular
    The landing stuck, but only with regards to completing the story he began way back with the Fantastic Four. There was a very Morrison/Crisises vibe to the ending, along with some eye rolling editorial mandates (to me at least)

    Everything about it coming down to Reed and Doom, that was great. That chess-board page actually works really well in the dual pictures. And Reed basically being "Good God" for the time being because he can do it better, before the next big event is Reed turning evil and killing all the FF kids because you know Marvel is planning this right now. It's a way to finish Hickman's multiple season run at Marvel while getting things back to normal, even though it really felt like Reed was politely telling everyone "we're actually kind of dead right now guys."

    Where it felt very Morrison-like was with the idea that perhaps Reed did mess with Victor a bit, push him on a different path, which seems to be confirmed a bit by what I saw in Iron Man #2. Reed knows he can do that now, and seeing how he's known the guy for so long, there's more to it than just fixing his face (perhaps playing on the idea that Reed fixed the mistake Doom always blamed him for instead of himself).

    Now BP's speech at the end, it took this idea that BP is one of the few who knows what happened and tries to slap the ANAD preamble onto it, it seemed like it was written by someone who was trying to copy Hickman's writing. I love it when they say the title of the movie in the movie, but when he said it's our Alpha Flight I just cringed at the screen and wondered if they wouldn't mind having another crack at it. And have another crack at those Alpha Flight costumes too while we're at it, m i rite gang?

    Miles getting his family back or at least his mom because of the burger is a nice touch, although I don't know if he and Peter remember anything. I would think so, because here's Miles and Mom in The Prime Earth (DC gets a free pass for calling them on that brilliant name), but who knows. Like Crisis on Infinite Earths I think they're going to just use this as an excuse for any writer mistake to just be the new thing, plus the one year later eight months later thing.

    I can't help but feel, and hope, Hickman has/had something planned for Cyclops beyond what we saw. That he didn't come back into play seems odd for a man who wrote the only balanced (and good) approach to him from AvX and even brought up the idea of Cyclops having Nation X or whatever during Time Runs Out on top of a Phoenix egg, there's too much here to just not touch, or let the X-Men writers dump on him because No More Mutants 2.0. Or maybe Hickman really is burnt out and done with the heroes for a bit. The same thing sort of feels the case with Evil Reed, although with him being crazy scientist in Avengers might also show he's just washing his hands of everything.

    So overall a good but padded mini series that was completely let down by the scheduling and marketing. It doesn't really feel so epic as it did a year ago, and that's at Marvel's feet more than Hickman or Ribic.

    vagrant_windsMike Danger
  • Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The sunny beaches of CanadaRegistered User regular
    I liked it. We've known about the outcome for months now really, but seeing the exact details was very cool.

    It was quite a ride with all the Avengers/NA build-up, and I still think it faltered pretty sharply towards the end, but overall a really great story. Shame none of the earlier Convergence elements really survived through to Secret Wars proper though.

  • Bobby DerieBobby Derie Registered User regular
    No Spoilers, just gonna say I think Hickman stuck the landing pretty good.

    I'm going to be the odd man out here and say I thought the ending was pretty meh. Not bad, but definitely "shrug it off, who cares." But keep in mind, I disliked the entire series, the reasoning behind the series, and the entire run-up to the series, and am not a particular fan of Hickman's writing to begin with. So I was never disposed to liking where the series was going even before Hickman wrote the ending.

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