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Far Cry 5 - The MOST realistic premise ever



  • tastydonutstastydonuts Registered User regular
    Rage 2 with gardeners.

    I think I"ll buy it and continue my trend of only having played Far Cry DLC turned standalone content from the franchise.

    “I used to draw, hard to admit that I used to draw...”
  • PhillisherePhillishere Registered User regular
    Big Dookie wrote: »
    I’m in. The story in 5 was utter garbage, but the game was just so much fun to play.

    I think that's the bottom line. Whether you liked the story or not (I liked it personally, but whatever), it's hard to argue that the gameplay itself was a fucking riot. Hopefully New Dawn doesn't take itself too seriously and leans into the crazy a bit like Blood Dragon did.

    I actually don't think the gameplay in 5 was that great. They've dialed the environmental chaos so high that it no longer has any impact. You are running across the same small handful of cult/rebel models going through the same motions, with the occasional wild animal thrown into the mix. It feels really flat after awhile.

    I think 3 hit the formula the best. There was a great mix of solitude and insanity, so it felt impactful when you had to stealth past an outpost or ran into a rebel versus bad guy gunfight. With 5, I was just running past it all to get to the next map marker, because engaging with the systems felt like purposeless busy work.

  • BionicPenguinBionicPenguin Registered User regular
    edited December 7
    Far Cry 5 ending spoiler
    One thing about the trailer that worries me is the end. Please, please, please don’t make Joseph Seed a follower/companion/whatever.

    BionicPenguin on
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  • T-DangerT-Danger Registered User regular
    So New Dawn is pretty much just Far Cry 5, but with all the characters and models dressed up to look like they've dropped out of Mad Max and the Walking Dead.

    I think Ubisoft have officially run out of ideas. This has to be the laziest premise for a sequel I've ever seen, and that its trying to muscle in all the other post apocalyptic open world games out there is the icing on the crap cake.

    Can we please do something a bit different with these post apocalypse settings? Something that isn't focused around killing a bunch of assholes because they stole something from you?

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