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My Zany Visual/Audio/Comic/Video/Animation Works

mechapopmechapop webcomic artist/musicianNorthern CaliforniaRegistered User regular
edited November 2014 in Artist's Corner
Ellos! Been a reader of PA since 2000 and on the forums off and on under a few pseudonyms since the early 2000's, but wanted to finally show some of my recent creative works.
I feel I finally found myself more in the last couple years than all through the 2000's, though I kind of miss the 2000's more than the 2010's. Anyways, here's some of my
webcomics, illustrations, music videos, songs, short films, etc.

From my webcomic/art blog


Some of my animation shorts

And some of my music videos/music I do

Slap Zappy daily gamer/geek webcomic
mechapop on


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Your drawings are a bit rough around the edges which makes for sort of weak expressions. You seem to have a style going for yourself which I can appreciate, but the comic doesn't quite breach that threshold of "so stylized/abstract the drawings don't matter". It's funny that you say you miss the early 2000s, because the humor seems kinda dated to me. The videos are slightly more interesting, but they feel very unpolished even with the idea that they are longing for a late 90's experimental.

    If you are going to grow from here, you'd have to commit to doing some studies, I would say form and composition would be the biggest things. With the video stuff I dont have much in the way of specific advice, other than stuff like "make the lighting so that it doesn't look like it was shot in your living room". This was a problem that often plagued art school kids, in which they had alright ideas but lacked an attention to detail that takes work out of the rough phase and into looking finished.

    I'm not really sure what part of your work is truly the most interesting to you. It maybe a good time to sit down and list out your influences. Our old resolution thread has some good examples of how to reflect on this:

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